Vendors are offering Soul Analysis, Celtic Soul Centered Readings, Energy Balancing Tuning Forks, Akashic Records Reading, Goddess Empowered Jewelry, Crystals & Psychic Protection Grounding, Native American Drums, Crafts and Readings, Egyptian Numerology Readings, Chakra Clearings, Handmade Herbal Teas, Tarot Readings, Channeling loved ones through your Angels and Guides and more.

Dr. Alice Alibrio

Dr. Alice Alibrio – Naturopathic Physician

Experience Acutonics—an opportunity to activate the music of the spheres within your psyche and soma. It is an integrated system utilizing traditional ancient medicine with modern harmonic science. The precision-calibrated medical tuning forks use sound translated from NASA recordings of the Sun, Earth and Moon. They are applied to specific acupuncture points, meridian and chakra energy systems. Their rich resonance and vibration stimulates and balances the body’s physical and subtle energy field, promotes wellbeing, deep inner harmony, attunement and homeostasis.  

Sara Bachmeier – Egyptian Numerologist

Egyptian Numerology uses numbers in the form of light codes that carry information to help you rekindle and remember who you are in spirit manifesting physical vibrational form.  I use your Name and Date of birth that resonates with your higher self to give you clarity, direction and confirmation. Egyptian numerology is the alchemy of ancient wisdom, frequencies of numbers, and position of the planets which transforms your life towards prosperity, love and overall well-being. Working with the magical resonance of numbers transmutes lead into gold as challenges melt into pivotal opportunities.  

Matthew Grenier

Matt Grenier

Matt is a multi dimensional healer using breath, energy, sound, light and more in order to connect with people’s souls to enact the healing and change needed. He will help you understand the current situation and energy surrounding it in further detail and get to the root of the issue at hand. As a Reiki master healer, Matt channels divine energy to help negotiate the current energy in your body and bring clarity to your current situation as well as balance your soul. ascendwithmattinstagram


Onya Sophia & Mark Sorensen

Love My Crystalz is your one stop ascension shop! We have crystalline energies from off planet to assist raising your vibration instantly. We have organic high vibe Palonette sprays, high vibe crystals, pendants plus more. In addition to psychic and oracle card readings we will also be doing free frequency readings and sharing our 30 second ultimate clearing method. Experience chakra clearing, more energy, mental clarity with your own Lovemycrystalz elixirs and pendants today!

Tiffany Kuehn RN

iDrip Therapy is a mobile IV therapy company delivering the benefits of hydration infusion therapy directly to individuals, groups, parties, or private events at locations convenient to our clients. Tiffany is a registered nurse and will administer flawlessly blended formulations of essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants designed to help our clients reach optimal health. iDrip Therapy’s proprietary formulations are carefully infused to deliver her clients with custom wellness packages targeting their specific needs. 

Morrigan Stark

Morrigan Stark

Morrigan is a human BE-ing offering tools for self healing, empowerment and personal growth. At the festival she will be showcasing her sacred art but she also offers readings, shamanic services and spiritual guidance for deepening one’s relationship with self, the Earth and Spirit. All materials are ceremoniously collected and created with loving intention in ritual working with the spirits of the plants/animals/minerals contained and the cycles of the moon.

Marsha Schultz

Marsha Schultz

A Sacred Cup Reading tells the story of crystals and stones on a votive cup, how they can assist us in feeling a spiritual connection with the Divine and finding a sense of Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance in all things. The message of each cup is unique but all of the cups describe the light within the cup, how it pertains to the light within each of us and how our Light glows as we grow in knowing the Love and Light of the Divine. Marsha has studied the spiritual connection that crystals and stones have with our Chakras for more than ten years. As your intuition selects the proper stones for you, Marsha will interpret the meaning they have specifically for your well-being and higher self.