Tickets purchased in advance:  $40 / ALL EVENTS

or  $15 per Speaker / Musicians up to 5/1

AFTER 5/1 - $50 / all events or $20 per Speaker / Musician

For tickets Call 928 282 7181

Gizelle Luccio

Gizelle Luccio – Intuitive Channel – 11-11:40am

Join Gizelle as she discusses how everyone has their own unique personal purpose – a calling or leading that can be explored by connecting with their Soul Group (i.e., guides, teachers, ancestors, and Divine beings). Grace allows Gizelle to access higher dimensions (including the Akashic Records) to help you connect with the clearest path to your own ‘inner knowing’.  Her work is best described as a Vision Quest journeyed on the inner plane of the Soul. The result expands one’s awareness of our inner landscape and offers visual, metaphorical, and practical guidance for spiritual & emotional well-being. For more information please visit her website:  SoulLeadings.com

Linda Mae Costello

Linda Mae – Druid – 12-12:40pm

Linda Mae has followed the path of the ancient Druids for 30 years. In their traditions, she will conduct their age-old ceremony of marking the time of Beltane bringing in high Spring, as the wheel of the year starts turning towards Summer. It’s a time of purification when the dark half of the year is finally behind us. Join Linda Mae in this high energy and joyous celebration when all life participates in the flow of fertile energy coursing through nature at this time of year. For more information go to: druidsofthelight.org

Keith Martini, Musician

Keith Martini, Singer Songwriter – 1-1:40pm

Keith Martini, 26 year Sedona local (formerly from NY) accomplished singer, songwriter, director and guitarist will appear at 1:00 p.m. to play some of our favorites from the 60’s & 70’s. Formally trained in classical guitar, Keith has also mastered and taught jazz, rock, blues, classical and more over his career. His performances have ranged from coffee shop solos to bars and conventions, to private parties and national telethons. He was a Professor at Yavapi College teaching guitar for 3 years.  As a producer and writer of many albums for a variety of artists he realized he hasn’t begun to do it all. Like many of us, he is always seeking new exciting creative opportunities to explore.

Dany Michaels

Dany Michaels – Angel Channel – 2-2:40pm

Dany has the ability to hear, see and talk to Angels. He is a messenger of GOD here on earth and has dedicated his life to delivering messages from the angels to assist with any life area that he is called to. With the help of the Angels, he is able to help heal traumas, anxieties, depression, grief and help get you closer to the angels and God. Dany will share with us his life-experiences and what brought him to this calling. You can also make an appointment with him at his booth during the festival. For more information go to: www.danymichaels.com